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About HMDA (Heart MRI diagnosis assistance system)

Solution Description

This solution provides an MRI-based diagnosis of heart disease, which is based on medical knowledge, using Watson Visual Recognition.The knowledge is provided by Dr.Terashima from CVIC. He is one the most experienced doctors in Japan and also has taught at Stanford.The death toll from the target disease has risen to approximately 300,000 annually in Japan and more than 15 million annually worldwide.

The MRI-based diagnosis of heart disease itself is cutting edge and still penetrating into medical practice. Allowing such diagnosis to more commonly employed via the usage of Watson has great significance.
Although MRI devices came into wide use both inside and outside Japan, they are not used to their full potential due to a shortage of doctors and technicians who are skilled in interpreting scans in the field of heart disease.

If this service comes into common use, it will help prevent sudden deaths from heart attacks.
The use of this service will help educate doctors and technicians about interpreting MRI scans, thereby leading to the effective use of MRI devices around the world.

• CVIC (
Dr. Terashima serves as the chairperson of the board of directors of CVIC, a clinic that provides MRI-based diagnoses of heart disease.CVIC provides diagnosis for more than 3,600 cases annually.

• A prototype idea of this solution won the best prize of the Japanese Watson Hackathon 2016.