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About Cloud Smart Gate

With Smart Devices

Nowadays, smart phones and tablets are becoming a business infrastructure. These are called smart devices. These are so useful in the business scene but can be costly in securing the system and authorizing the client. Cloud Smart Gate connects these smart devices with web servers. The two-element authentication system enables to authenticate by not only ID/Password but also smart device terminal ID. User enjoys this system both BODY and with the smart device that is provided by the company.

Furthermore, it’s charged per ID if the user has two or more three devices. In this case user can’t

use BYOD without the administrator’s permission even when the user enters his correct ID and Password. This system also keeps the quality of the security.
Cloud Smart Gate has a secure browser that doesn’t display the URL and permit users to copy the link of the URL. It also doesn’t leave any files and dates in the smart devices after using. Also we adapt to the data center with the major vendor company. That server is put in 2 places for redundancy and also protected by firewall faithfully/properly


User can log in all the web systems with one ID. If user logs in this application, the user automatically enters the application portal site that includes all the applications the user can use. Single Sign On systems enables the user to use any application with one touch. CloudSmartGate releases to the user a form that has a complicated process just like entering the ID/Password and administrate each person.

Reasonable Running Cost and Free Initial Cost

User can enjoy Cloud Smart Gate by only reasonable monthly costs because authentication server is set in the cloud system. One user is charged with one ID. If user a uses CloudSmartGate from both her/his own smart phone and the smart phone that is provided by the company, he/she will be charged only one ID. We provide CloudSmartGate with user to 6 months contract.There are many competitive software that require at least a 1 year contract. After 6 months, the user can update the contract 1 month at a time. Or In each month, we only count the number of users and that’s what we charge, so the user feels free to add and delete the account of members.

Collaborate with various cloud services

More than 75 Application, including Google Apps, Office365 and Salesforce are officially supported by us. CloudSmartGate can basically collaborate with the applications that are used after the user enters the ID and Password. Also the user may use his own application that isn’t listed on the officially supported applications. However, it’s not suitable for applications that are used on special platforms like Active-X, Silverlight and Flash. It’s free of network traffic because the CloudSmartGate systems are completed in cloud.

Collaborate with your own website

User can access the company systems. The proxy service in cloud smart gate is secured by session one time password which enables the user to access her/his company system with a specified IP address. It means that if a user sets are configured to synchronize the access to the reverse proxy and firewall from a specified IP address, it’s possible for the user to make an office gateway with the least cost and risk. If the user tries to make the system on his/her own, they should set a VPN connection system, network system and etc., it will be costly for the initial cost and running cost. Furthermore, user should prepare a stronger internet connection line in many cases.

Lighten the work load in the IT department. One time collective registration is supported by CVS upload. It’s possible to set initial password that also the user can change on their own. For example, the administrator will not allow Gmail password but only CloudSmartGate password to employees. This function can solve the problem that employees use their devices in their home to download business files from Gmail.

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About Cloud Smart Gate