Product Services

This mobile service lets you have the cloud computing based authentication system without buying anything.

Access company infranet securely from your smart devices

smartgate01Authentication server is in the cloud system.
Not necessary to buy a new hardware

Various smart devices are available

smartgate02✓iOS and Android are available
✓Assign ID/Password per person
✓Use services properly for each device

Use via cloud gateway

smartgate03✓ Secure gateway from Internet
✓Free of initial charge or Initial charge for FREE
✓Charge per ID (at least 30 ID ~)
✓Include Proxy services

Access server inside and outside the company

smartgate04✓Single Sign On is available
✓Remove the complicated log in process by smart devices
✓Adapt server outside the company

Secure access system

smartgate05✓Confirm terminal ID authentication
✓Secure safety connection by SSL
✓Leave no data on devices after logout
✓Administrator can control and delete any data in the case an employee loses the device or leave the company