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Project Management
System Development
System Configurations
System Operation
System Support

Project Management

Our engineer staff who has plenty of management experience supports various system development projects.

・Manage system development project
・Support wide range of business from project and proposal to management of process and instruction members.

  • Open System Development (C,C++,VC++,PL/SQL, VB, Oracle, etc…)
  • Web System Development and Configuration(Java, JSP, framework, net, PHP, etc…)
  • Mission Critical System Development(UNIX, Linux, Windows)
  • Mainframe System Development
  • ERP Development and Configuration

System Development

Develop Web Applications
Support the Development System Applications
Support the Development Control System Firmware
⇒Supported by experienced engineers who are familiar with Java, C or Oracle.

System  Engineer
  • Confirm and analyze requests.
  • Design documents and specification sheets
  • Conduct meetings with users and customers
  • Support the management team members
  • Configure the application software from making specification sheets.
  • Develop applications with Java, NET, VB, ASP , web and etc…
  • Develop firmware and control system programming.
  • Programming with C, C++.

System  Configurations

Our server storage network engineers will support the customer’s configured infrastructure system project.

Support System Configurations
  • Configure design of server, storage, network hardware.
  • Configure network
  • Configure virtual environment (VMware, Hyper-V)
  • Configure backup or DB
Support System Constructions
  • Construct Windows/UNIX/Linux server infrastructure.
  • Construct server virtualization.
  • Construct desktop virtualization
  • Construct storage, backup, database.
  • Construct router and switch system of Cisco

System Operation

Support in operating the server, storage and network hardware in data center and your office .
Operate the server, storage and network systems.
Monitor the server, storage and network from a remote location

System Operation Design
  • Support in defining requests and design systems
Systems Operation
  • Construct systems operation and support test
  • System maintenance
  • Failure operation
  • Control systems (systems construction, capacity control and etc…)
Monitor Systems
  • Monitor systems
  • One time failure operation

System  Support

Support your whole system support business with the helpdesk, technical support and on-site maintenance

Helpdesk Services

Unifi the maintenance support desks for vendor and separate the hardware from the software when there’s a fault in the system.

-PC helpdesk
-Helpdesk for the first separating systems.

System  Support

Technical Support

Onsite Maintenance

We provide maintenance for systems after we install.

-System maintenance
-Trouble shooting

Onsite Maintenance

Spare PC Support

We will keep your spare PC with the finished settings and send it to you when you have trouble with your PC. You can use the spare PC as the main PC and we will repair your problematic PC and keep it as a new spare.

Spare PC Support


Maintenance services for your network and CentOS support services.
If you have any trouble, feel free to contact us.

  • Support business inside IT system department in your office.
  • Answer the customer’s inquiry about server, PC and trouble shooting
Technical Support
  • Technical support for various hardware
  • Technical support for various software
Customer Engineer
  • Support onsite CE
  • Support hardware troubles (PC, server and storage)
  • Delivery date management and arrangement products

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