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About Mediamart
Jan/1998 Mediamart was established in Musashino,Tokyo with a start-up capital of 10,000,000 Yen for Outsourcing Company in sales and marketing.
Apr/1998 Linux integration services started.
Apr/1999 Management of HP show room started in Aoyama and Osaka(Fukuoka in 2001)
Apr/2000 Shibuya office was established because HP launched to manage DIC call center.
Apr/2001 Office moved to Ichigaya
Apr/2001 Increased the capital to 20,000,000 Yen
Apr/2002 Mobile division opened and started to get contract for developing mobile phone systems.
Aug/2002 Increased the capital to 26,519,000 Yen
Apr/2003 Office moved to Ichigaya Yoshino Building 2F and integrated with the head office.
May/2003 Linux sales team started
Jul/2003 Increased the capital to 36,515,423 Yen
Jun/2004 Increased the capital to 43,475,047 Yen
Jan/2005 Kasai office opened
Mar/2005 Increased the capital to 60,919,894 Yen
Oct/2005 Virtual PC solution launched to sell with the contract of powerhouse.
Dec/2006 Head office moved to Ichigaya Palos Building 3F
IP phone launched to use in the office to sell as a solutions
May/2007 Increased the capital to 63,050,504 Yen
Jul/2007 Increased the capital to 67,198,659 Yen
Jan/2008 10 years have passed since it was established
Aug/2009 Admitted to use P mark
Nov/2010 Head office moved to Kudan 101 Building 4F
Apr/2011 Cloud PBX division started
Nove/2013 Head office moved to Hulic-Kudan Building 8F,
CloudPBX Division and opened a demonstration room.