The process of recruitment is the following, however, there are some cases that may not correspond or follow this process.

The first step is the screening of documents by us.
Please send us the application form by e-mail or mail【Application form】

  • Resume (Attach your recent photo)
  • Certificate of expected graduation ( New graduates only)
  • Transcript of Records (New graduates only)

If you are a former graduate , please attach your introduction on an A4 sheet of paper


adopt08To be interviewed by the person in charge of the division.


adopt09Interview with the Division Manager.


adopt10Conduct a web test from your PC.


adopt11Interview with the CEO


adopt12A Job Offer will be sent after we confirm the contract
You will be assigned upon our evaluation on your skills, experience, and career plan.
  • The result of interview or test will inform you by e-mail, so please let me know your e-mail address by your resume
  • It takes 1week to 10days that we inform the result of interview and test to you.

How to apply?

We are grateful for your application.
Please contact the following address after you confirm the “Privacy Policy”
. After receiving the confirmation, we will proceed to screening your documents.
During that time, please send us your application form.

【Sending by e-mail】

Please specify the job that you are applying for.
Attach your application form in the e-mail.

E-mail :

【Sending by mail】

Please specify the job that you are applying for.

Hulic-Kudan Building 8F, 13-5 Kudan-kita 1-chome Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 102-0073, JAPAN

To: Human Resource